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a relentless, humble, indie team

At Legio Vox Studios, you will given countless opportunities to unleash your creativity. Work fully remote in an entrepreneurial environment, collaborate with your teammates, and further your career.


Reed, Character Designer

The people I’ve had the privilege of working with at Legio Vox have been some of the most cordial and neighborly ones I’ve ever met. The management is beyond understanding and gracious, and the whole studio offers the friendliest environment I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. That’s rare in this industry. -- I already see these people as an extended family, and working with them has been nothing short of pleasant. All of the work you do is appreciated and it really makes you feel like you’ve contributed. This is the first time I’ve ever dreaded the weekend!


Lucia, Character Designer

In my time at Legio Vox, it is clear that management strives to foster a healthy and collaborative working environment. As an open and tight knit group, we are able to bounce ideas off of each other, regardless of department, and everyone’s input and ideas are valued. As a bonus, the studio has game and movie nights, which helps nurture the overall team’s sense of community. I couldn’t recommend the studio enough.

CALVIN Its meeeeeeeeeee_edited.jpg

Calvin, Concept Artist

Its been a pleasure, working for Legio Vox. They gave me a warm welcome, and have fostered a calm, relaxed work environment. The work has been manageable, challenging, and rewarding. The senior staff and management have been open and friendly. I feel I can go to them with any questions I have, and they give me their time and attention. It has been rewarding working with this company, and I would highly recommend it to anyone making their way through this challenging industry!


A little bit about working here

Image by Max Di Capua

We welcome you

It's our diverse team that makes work as fun as it is challenging. Be confident that you will feel welcome here. Gaming and movie nights will have you excited to work with your new batch of friends in no time.


Your opinion matters here

Every other week the team gets together and takes time to play the latest update of our game. We discuss, bounce ideas off of each other, and celebrate everyone's awesome work!

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Remote work has it's perks

Our team meets through Discord, where we start each day discussing the latest in gaming news. And don't forget about our biweekly raffles! Get tickets for going above and beyond, cash in, and win some awesome prizes.

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Our win is your win

Our studio's victory is everyone's victory - receive bonuses based off of the success of our games.

Creative Design

Own your work

Independently represent your work. Go big, take risks, and take ownership of the outcome.


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